Free Energy for EVERYBODY is possible: The Zero-point-energy of the quantum-vacuum !

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Free Energy for EVERYBODY is possible: The Zero-point-energy of the quantum-vacuum !

Free beer for everybody – you know this solgan, independant from drinking beer or not. But what would you think about free fuel for everybody ?  A free electricity in addition ?  Without paying for it, completely friendly to our environment, without any risk to health, inexhaustible. Would you like this ?

“This is of course not possible” – many people, who read these lines will probably think it is impossible.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-20 um 12.11.12Yes, of course it is impossible, but most people do not know the reason, why it is impossible: The reasons are not technical limitations and not laws of Physics, but important: There is no free energy due to non-technical reasons. The reasons are mental, perhaps political. The technical opportunities are available for FREE ENERGY FOR EVERYBODY.

The energy which fulfils this promise has the name “Zero-point-energy of the quantum-vacuum“, its abbreviation is „ZPE-energy“.

Despite the fact, the operating ZPE-energy engines are already working, it is still impossible, to by such devices. But why ?  The reasons are explained in the following contributions.  Much more important than these problems is the fact, the fundamental research of Physics of such engines is already done: There are explanation how such engines can be built. The crucial point is: The results of this research work is presented here.

Although the construction of such engines is too complicated to be realized in the private handicraft cellar, a small team of Physicists, Engineers and Specialists can realize such a ZPE-motor, so that we all will have free energy for everybody, within a development time of few years. If an appropriate construction-team will be given the chance to start its work, we will get energy without paying for it, clean, friendly to environment and health.

This Blog has the purpose to intensify the distribution of the information about the work of Prof. Dr. Claus W. Turtur, his papers and his video presentations.

This internetpage participates (same as many internetpages), with the distribution of this very important information, because the topic of “zero-point-energy” is suppressed deliberately in the widespread mainstream media. It is not volitional, that ZPE-energy comes into the consciousness of the majority of the general public. It is logically comprehensible, that ZPE-energy is not within the financial interest of the large energy supplying industrial concerns.

Zero-point-energy for the whole world!
Inexhaustible, clean, safe, without costs, autark.
Please help to distribute this information as far as possible at all.


This is the official link to Prof. Turtur’s Homepage:

All his material is OPEN SOURCE, thus it can be used everywhere and by everybody for free. Same as the free ZPE-energy. Just take it, use it, and give it everybody who can have benefit from it !

These are some of Prof. Turtur’s publications in English language (he made much more publications in his mother language German) 

Explanations, (PDF) understandable for everybody:


A video, 3 parts:
Is the Energy-problem of mankind solvable ?
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Collections of scientific articles (for specialists):

A further article by Prof. Dr. Claus Turtur:
At  Blog Akademie Integra:


WHY not already such a machine was built … ?

Zero-point-energy converters have been built numerously, even with official certifications, by TÜV, by Underwriters Laboratories and by SGS (!)
The question should rather be: „Why can we not by a Zero-point-energy converters ?“ or „Why do existing Zero-point-energy converters disappear ?“
The answer can be understood from an American Internet-page:

At this page you can even see a statistics, giving the number of the murdered researchers.
The problem of zero-point-energy utilisation is not a technical problem but a sociological one.

Why is it impossible, to build a zero-point-energy converter at home, in a private garage or cellar ?
It is rather similar with the idea, to build a pocket-calculator at home. My wife has bought me one at the supermarket for less then 5 dollars. But don’t try to build it by yourself at home, you will fail. At least when you try to make the „sinus“-button work, you will come to problems that you cannot solve at home. If a high-tech device, like a pocket-calculator shall be manufactured, it is necessary to have professional working and research conditions.
There are even people, who take a tablet against headache. Such a tablet is a very simple product, which can be bought for a few cents, but you will never succeed, to produce such a tablet at home.

Freedom is, when everybody is allowed to follow only to his or her own conscience, and to nothing else, as long as she or he does not harm anybody.
I do know, whether it will be better, if situation changes – but I know that it must change, if the situation shall become better.
”I oblige to stand for freedom and justice“ – oath  of  Taekwon-Do  learners—————————–
‎”People believe much easier to a lie, which they have heard a hundred times, than to truth, which appeared new to them.”

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